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Hosting a video

Hosting a poem

Hosting a collective action

Hosting a memory

Hosting my own thoughts 

Hosting the connection of these thoughts and the other thoughts in the room

Hosting the intersections

Hosting the overlaps

Hosting appearing associations

What is hosting?

When I tried to let go of the idea of my body as a unit I did it at the bus station. Everyday for a whole week. My experience of these days: While I started to feel smoother, softer, reaching out combined with a feeling of partly dissolving, at some point anxiety took over my body. Every day. The anxiety was fighting against every possible smoothness and I felt the urge to stop, to change my body position and to isolate. One day I felt the urge to express with my body something that I would describe as an idea of toxic masculinity. I didn't like myself in that moment but I felt I had to do it to survive this waiting at the bus station.

Did I - when I tried to let go of myself as unit - enter the energy fields of the people around me? What would happen if all of us standing there, waiting would let go of being a unit?

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