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Well, I would like to leave a comment! This journey makes me think about challenges and developement. So this is the time to invite you to follow my further journey, wich will focus on participation (yes, more playgrounds to explore). Do you remember the sentence in my introduction "no bodies were harmed so far"? It is about risk taking. I want to explore the participation in various shapes, in the light of social theories as well as personal stories. To do that I would like to read more about participatory theatre, e.g. "Viewers As Producers” by Claire Bishop. Reading... what about the risk taking part you ask? 

There will be a time to take the risk to get in touch with people, collect their memories, stories and bodies. Would you like to be a part of it? 


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Hi there! Did you enjoy your visit? Would you like to come back? Or maybe leave a comment?

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