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Diese Sammlung ist während einer Reihe von eins-zu-eins Performances entstanden, die am Home of Performance Practices im Rahmen des Moduls Bodies in Dissent an der ArtEZ University of the Arts gezeigt wurden. Mein Planungs- und Vorbereitungsprozess wurde dabei betreut vom Künstlerduo VestAndPage.

Ich lud das Publikum dazu ein, im Gespräch mit mir eine Leidenschaft zu teilen, für die sie sich schämen - zum Beispiel wegen gesellschaftlicher Normen oder da sie gegen die eigenen Werte ist. 

So bieten die Gespräche einen Rahmen, über die eigenen heimlichen Leidenschaften zu reflektieren und ein sonst vielleicht unmögliches Gespräch zu führen.

Und was ist deine Guilty Pleasure?


Foto © by Fenia Kotsopoulou


eating a whole pack of sweet chilli Doritos although feeling sick already

eating chips in a bathtub

having ice cream for breakfast

tomato juice, a lot of it

eating Nutella right out of the jar

mixed pickles - for breakfast

eating a whole bag of m&ms

pink donuts just because they are pink

spending money on fancy pizza

ordering delivery food 

eating food at midnight

eating meat

playing with food

wasting days with smoking weed and eating a lot

being lazy

staying in bed all day long

going to bars too often & staying too long

smoking weed several days in a row

day drinking

ginger beer with gin

breakfast beer

doing drugs

smoking weed at night in order to become hard and masturbate 4-5 times per night

using a green vibratior in the shape of a gecko

naming vibrators

masturbating as child hidden under the blanket

being loud during sex

having sex in parents house

spending time on dating apps during class

huntig people - flirting and then dropping them 

stalking people on social media

dating married person

going out with friends but then letting them be to meet other people

being bitchy

always getting new plants and letting them die and still getting new ones

stealing money from relative to buy gift for other relative

stealing things from hotels 

stealing books from library

stealing cushions

stealing small food

stealing vitamins

exchange price tags in clothing shops

collecting and storing useless things

popping bubble wrap (especially rolling over it)

getting several analog cameras and getting films for them 

re-gifting a gift one has received 


smoking a morning cigarette with a coffee even if it makes you throw up

playing with armpit hair

biting nails

reading astrological relationship charts

going by airplane

produce plastic waste

often taking baths in the bathtub

(silly) musicals

listening to teeny boy groups


german pirate music

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